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Studies you may be eligible for. 2

Based on the information you provided, we found the following studies.

  • A Phase 2 Study of Metformin, Targeting Cancer Stem Cells for the Prevention of Relapse in Patients with Stage IIC/III/IV Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, and Primary Peritoneal Cancer To determine if metformin administered in combination with chemotherapy to women with advanced Ovarian, primary peritoneal or fallopian tube cancer can prevent or delay ovarian cancer recurrence. This study is researching all of the following topics: Fallopian tube cancer This study is looking for: female only women Volunteers with specific conditions
    • 18 years to 79 years
  • Phase I safety study of intratumoral injection of Clostridium novyi-NT spores in patients with treatment-refractory solid tumor malignancies This study is being done to learn whether treatment with Clostridium novyi-NT spores (NT refers to non-toxin producing) is safe and effective in patients with advanced cancers that can no longer be controlled with standard therapy or cancers for which there is no standard effective treatment. This study is researching all of the following topics: Adrenal cancer BCC, Basal cell skin cancer Bladder cancer Bone cancer Breast cancer Cervical cancer Colon Cancer ( Malignant tumor of colon ) Esophagus cancer Fallopian tube cancer HCC, Liver cancer Kidney Cancer ( Malignant tumor of kidney ) Laryngeal cancer, Cancer of the larynx, Voice box cancer Lung cancer Lymphoma NPC, Nasal cancer Oral / Mouth cancer Ovarian cancer Pancreatic cancer Prostate cancer Salivary Gland Cancer Sarcoma Squamous cell skin cancer Thyroid cancer Uterine / Uterus cancer This study is looking for: male female both men and women Volunteers with specific conditions
    • More than 18 years old