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CHIP: Cardiovascular Health Improvement Project
This study is researching all of the following topics: AAA ( Abdominal aortic aneurysm ) Aortic dissection Aortic valve disorder AV stenosis ( Aortic valve stenosis ) AVR ( Aortic valve regurgitation ) BAV ( Bicuspid aortic valve ) Marfan's syndrome
Location of study visits: Ann Arbor, MI
This study is looking for: male   female  Both men and women
  • Volunteers with specific conditions
  • All ages welcome
The purpose of this project will be to learn more about individuals with aortic diseases and other cardiovascular related conditions.
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Who can participate?
What is involved? You will be asked to answer a survey about your medical history. The survey will also ask you about any family members who have had cardiovascular diseases. You will have blood drawn from a vein in your arm. Different components of the blood will be studied such as the genes, proteins and biomarkers to find out how they relate to your cardiovascular condition. The blood will be kept in storage so that we can continue to study your sample in the future. The study team may look at your medical records in the future for updated information about the diagnosis or treatment of your cardiovascular condition or other associated health conditions.
Compensation This study does not offer any compensation.
More about the study
If your hospital treatment includes cardiac surgery, we will ask you if you'll let us keep some of the tissue that the surgeon removes from your body. Usually, surgeons throw away this tissue. If you're not having surgery, we won't collect a tissue sample. If we do collect your tissue, we'll keep it in storage so that we can continue to study components of your tissue sample such as genes, proteins, and biomarkers.

IRB number: HUM00052866
Study posted on: 08/01/2016
Posting will be taken down on: 08/01/2017
Study Team Principal Investigator:  Willer, Cristen J Department:  Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine
For questions about this study, contact: Katie Wopinsky
(888) 286-4420
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